Who is Figgs?

Mr. Figgs, otherwise known as Figgs, is and was the greatest squirrel in the world. Mr. Figgs was an extremely special part of mine and my boy's lives. I found him alone and helpless as a tiny little baby and we were so blessed to have had the wonderful opportunity and experience of raising him, loving him, and then later eventually setting him free.

He had such a memorable impact on my life that when it came to choosing a name for the store his name kept coming up in my mind. He was so close in my heart that I just knew his name was the perfect name, FIGGS. For such a small little animal he brought such a huge amount of joy and love to our family! That is my desire for my little store, though it may be one small business in the community, may it be a large source of joy and a place of love for all who enter!

You will find pictures of him in the store as a reminder of how sometimes love and acceptance can be found in the most unsuspecting places and in the smallest of packages.